Ang Ikalawa Magazine 

2020, Magazine

Ang Ikalawa is a magazine I created as part of my senior thesis. Translated as the second, Ang Ikalawa
is a collection of stories from the next generation of Filipinos in NYC. They talk about their family’s
experiences of migrating from the Philippines to New York and offer advice for the next generation of
young Filipinos that are part of the diaspora. Due to the global pandemic, in-person photoshoots and
interviews were not feasible. I thought about how Filipinos communicated with family back in the
Philippines via video chat and decided to have photoshoots over Facetime, literally photograping my
laptop screen and putting them on empty sets that I designed.

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Colors are based on the warm, saturated colors seen on the work of Filipino artist Fernando Amorsolo. 
Typeface based on hand-painted signs prevalent in Jeepneys, which are buses and the most popular means
of public transportation ubiquitous in the Philippines.

Various imagery that reflects the life of Filipinos part of the diaspora, such as video chat and
balikbayan boxes to send goods back home. 

Set design are based on colonial Filipino homes, as well as the modern Filipino home.

Mockups and a sample story from Ang Ikalawa. 

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