Sari-Sari Studio x Exzachly 

2020, Apparel

Sari-Sari Studio is a creative house that produces and curates content that empowers
and increases visibility for the Filipinx diaspora. They provide an online shop that provides products
and artwork from BIPOC makers, artists, and our in-house designers and creators.
All of the products are curated with design, community, and sustainability in mind.
They reached out to me to help create a new shirt for Filipino-American Heritage Month (October)

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I took the idea of area codes and phone numbers and tied it with how we communicated with
family back home before FaceTime, Messenger, etc. ⁣⁣
Phone cards can be found in almost every deli and bodega in New York City.
I have fond memories when I was young of having to run to the closest deli just to buy a
phone card so my mom can call relatives back in the Philippines. ⁣⁣

There are “easter eggs” on the phone card, like the phone numbers being real numbers
to Filipino businesses/restaurants from their respective city. The "PIN” behind the scratch off is the
Philippines Independence Day “06121898”. The phone number directly under the PIN is the number to the Philippine Embassy
in NYC. The text also talks about the diaspora and some statistics about OFWs and Filipinx part of the diaspora.

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