exzachly NYC x Everpress for AAPI Heritage Month 2022

2022, Apparel

Second collaboration with Everpress to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month 2022.
The design was featured on Everpress.com along with other AAPI creatives from North America. 

Released on April 29th, 2022.
Creative Director: Zach Reyes

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The design features the Philippine Eagle, the national bird of the Philippines and Chocolate Hills from Bohol. "Chika Minute" literally translates to "Gossip Minute", and is also a reference to a popular news segment in the Philippines. The back of the phone card lists the phone numbers and locations of actual Filipino restaurants from US cities with the biggest Filipino populations. Other easter eggs include the phone number to the NYC location of the Philippine Embassy and the Philippine Independence Day as the PIN number.

©2023 Zach Reyes