Ang Ikalawa Magazine
2020, Magazine

Ang Ikalawa or “the second” is a collection of stories from the next generation of Filipinos in NYC. They talk about their family’s experiences of migrating from the Philippines to New York and offer advice for the next generation of young Filipinos. I had a studio set up to interview and take photos of everyone, but due to the global pandemic, in-person photoshoots and interviews were not feasible. I thought about how we communicated with family back in the Philippines via video chat and used that to photograph people.

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The Filipino Diaspora in 2016
2020, Infographic Poster

Infographic depicting the extent of the Filipino Diaspora from 2016. There are over 3 million Filipinos living in America and total of more than 10.4 million Filipinos around the world that are part of the diaspora.This 24”x30” poster was created on Illustrator. I also created an interactive website to compliment the poster.

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No Mask, No Entry
2020, Poster

A submission for Wix’s “A New Era” poster contest. “With the world changing around us, what does the future look like to you?”. Inspired by the idea that masks are going to be the new normal and the resurgence of the Anonymous group in 2020.

Design Culture Now
2020, Poster

Conceptual poster for an event. Poster is a redesign based on a 2018 assignment from my first design class. Created on Adobe Illustrator. 

One Small Girl
2019, Children’s Book

Personal project on a children’s book loosely based on the Tony Award winning musical, Once on this Island. Used elements from the staging of the musical by using recycled materials and finding art in trash. Each page was created on a diorama using real sand, recycled fabric and plastic plants from home. Each diorama was then photographed and edited using Photoshop and arranged in InDesign.

Zach Reyes, 2020